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                                      Risk Management in the Workplace

                                   Training Corporate America in Risk Management

“Workplace violence awareness in government, corporate America, and institutions of higher education.”

Violent incidents in the work place and in places of higher education continue to rise sharply. While one cannot predict exact times and locations of such occurrences, we can be better prepared for future events. Disasters and catastrophic events, are always taxing at the local level. The front line personnel are police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians from all levels of government. Cost Containment Solutions has an extensive history of providing these responders with tools, techniques, and solutions in the areas of training, operations, applied science, and risk management. This training has now been designed to include corporate America and institutions of higher education.

The Cost Containment Solutions team combines the expertise of nationally recognized scientists with the practical experience of current and former professionals in the area of local, federal law enforcement, fire safety, emergency medical technicians, emergency management, risk management, and military operations. This combination of experience and intellect are delivered in a comprehensive suite of training. The staff of Cost Containment Solutions understands that the successful resolution of a major incident is not the result of the equipment an agency employs, but the expertise of the operators employing it. This responsibility must now be shared with average person. Law enforcement and corporate America will be required to prevent and deter violent incidents as a team. In order for this concept to be successful, the corporate employee and those involved with places of higher education must be trained in workplace violence awareness. No one is exempt from violent acts caused by another.

The training provided by Cost Containment Solutions is designed to build upon skills already possessed by the student. All programs are designed with the ability level of the participants in mind, and can be tailored to fit a particular agency or corporation policy on workplace training.

The training courses described focus on the response to events involving workplace violence in corporate America, institutions of higher education, and government facilities. These training courses provide each student with the unique opportunity to combine personal knowledge and skill with training designed by and for law enforcement to increase the chances of survival in a realistic situation.

The goal of Cost Containment Solutions is to enhance the client’s ability to plan for, respond to, and manage an incident in the workplace, thereby laying the foundation for a successful outcome.


Cost Containment Solutions training programs and seminars are designed to offer practical approaches to health and safety issues for both employees, supervisors and management alike. We use case studies to promote interaction so ideas are shared and confidence developed by all participants. We strive to develop both technical safety skills as well as the management skills needed to implement an effective safety program.

Introduction to Workplace Violence


This 8-hour course starts with teaching the student in the recognition of potential workplace violence, hostile work environments, and how to utilize proactive measures in the prevention of the same. Topics include program objective, employer responsibilities, definitions, OSHA’s commitment and guidelines, workplace sabotage, types of workplace violence, domestic violence, co-worker relationships, reporting systems, sexual harassment –v- workplace violence, early warning indicators, advanced stages, normal/abnormal behavior, workplace violence motivations, and informational resources. The Introduction to Workplace Violence course 2007-WP-1 is the foundation for many other risk management courses offered by Cost Containment Solutions.

Workplace Violence Accident Investigation


Workplace violence is rising at alarming rates in government and corporate workplace and institutions of higher education environments. This course of training is 8-hours in duration and is designed to build on the principles and techniques learned in the Cost Containment Solutions – 2007-WP-1 (Introduction to Workplace Violence) training. Students will learn to demonstrate their skills in workplace violence recognition, incident investigation, and reporting. Topics include program objective, workplace incident reporting, investigation documentation, leading causes cause’s of workplace violence and death, designing a workplace accident investigation/intervention program, program implementation, managements role, supervisory issues, employee responsibility and reporting, industrial hygiene and safety controls, accident causation, multiple causation theory, contributing factors, consequences of accidents, conducting the investigation, interviewing witnesses and victims, change analysis and report writing.

Safe Driving for Corporate America


Motor vehicle accidents in the workplace are increasing daily throughout the nation. The recognition, risk management, (reduction) and prevention of such accidents must be achieved through awareness training. This 4-hour course covers topics including, but not limited to; program objectives, employer responsibility, definitions, types of motor vehicle accidents, documentation, risks on the road, workplace trends, responsible driving, workplace PSA’s, avoidable accidents, safety equipment, recognitions of violations, accident reporting, road rage, stopping distances and factors, aggressive driving, driver distractions, seat belt restraints, case law, law review, transportation code 545.157, night driving, what the future holds and safe driving resources. * The Cost Containment Solutions 2007-SD-1 course is not for citation dismissal.

Pandemic Influenza Awareness Training


This 4-hour course of training will teach the student to be knowledgeable in the risk management of the Pandemic Influenza in the workplace and at home. The Pandemic Influenza (Bird Flu H5N1) continues to strike various regions of the world at an alarming rate. No region is exempted from this deadly disease. SARS was stopped in its path by training and being prepared. We must accomplish the same mission when the Pandemic Influenza arrives in the United States. Course contents includes, but is not limited to; pre-exercise assessment, background overview, definitions, origin and history, disease characteristics, symptoms, disease chronology, pandemic timeline, routes of entry, diagnosis, epidemiology, current status, immunizations, prevention strategies, prescription therapeutics, preparation and planning, resources, and plans, professional preparedness, legal issues, legal authority, law enforcement –v- corporate America, mock scenarios, response/resources, infrastructure, strategic national stockpile, security, special needs populations, recovery, physical and mental health issues, intervention and questions.

Explosives Identification and Awareness


This 8 hour course is designed to make the student aware of the theory, principles, and hazards of an Improvised Explosive Device (IED). Topics include basic physical effects of explosives, types of explosives, and various methods of application. This course also includes basic bomb sear techniques designed to prepare the emergency responder in the recognition of and the hazards associated with improvised and secondary explosive devices. * This is not a render safe or explosive ordinance disposal course, nor is it designed to prepare students to mitigate or disarm explosive devices.

Executive Protection


This 3-day course of training will cover causes of assassination and methods of attack, organization of a protective detail, security perimeters, protective countermeasures and surveillance detection, explosives identification and awareness, vehicle and building search procedures, advance teams, site surveys, security formations, tactics and specific issues. This training will also include student interaction and practical participation.

Violence in Institutions of Higher Education


Will establish the appointment of a PIO. And procedures, incident command type procedures for accountability, reporting, notification procedures, lock down, expectations of law enforcement to potential suspects, -v- victims. When students and faculty are to give media interviews, statements, opinions, etc., Rally point, suspicious indicators without profiling, use of cell phones during incident, active shooter.

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